List of members

Japan Sheep Casing Importers Association

1. Establishment
Japan Sheep Casing Importers Association was established on November 5, 1963 as a
non-profit organization stipulated in the Import and Export Transaction Law under the
approval by the Minister of International Trade and Industry (currently called Minister
of Economy, Trade and Industry).

2. Business Functions
Association members are basically importers of natural animal intestines (sheep, hogs,
etc.) for sausage casings and do the following functions:

(1) Market research in order to secure good quality natural casings
(2) Advertisement to increase the demand of natural casings
(3) Introduction of domestic importers to inquiries from exporters of natural casings
(4) Statistics of imports of natural casings, and collection and distribution of information
to our members
(5) Trade information with organizations of regions and countries including
INSCA(International Natural Sausage Casing Association) to secure safe and highquality casings.

3. Organization
(1) Members: 29companies
(2) Directors:

Directors: 6 persons (including president, vice presidents and managing
Auditors: 2 persons
President: Mr. Yozo Kawamura
Vice President: Mr. Hisashi Endo
Managing Director: Mr.Takami Yoda

(3) Office

32-6, Nishi-Gotanda 1-chome, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

4. Items of Importance
(1) Market Exploitation

The capacity of the existing supplying markets is coming down to its limit due to the
increasing domestic demand for natural casings. The necessity of researching for new
supplying market is growing. We are, therefore, conducting market study in a medium
and long-term vision in order to secure high quality natural casings on a stable manner.

(2) Collection of Information from the World

Reflecting on the fact that natural casings are international products, we endeavor in
keeping track of market transition especially in Europe and the U.S., and in collection
and distribution of information.

List of members